About Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat Hobbies

Our two-part mission is to help hobbyists find the best places to shop for their Gunpla needs, and to help promote small/specialty Gunpla businesses.

  • We built the "The Ultimate Gunpla Shoppers Guide" - a list of carefully researched and vetted Gunpla retailers around the world.
  • We founded a Facebook group to build a community around helping each other find great places to shop with the best prices and customer service.
  • We launched a YouTube channel to help the community get more information about retailers, product releases, and product reviews.
  • We've held fundraisers to benefit charities such as Child's Play; In November 2021, our campaign raised $2,685 to help benefit kids and teens in hospitals around the world and domestic violence shelters in the US.

And now we bring you The Gundam Shoppers Network online store! We offer a curated selection of Gunpla model kits and related products for sale at fair market prices. We also buy gunpla collections; if you have a collection of kits you want to sell and don't have the time or resources to manage that, contact us! We can help.

In the Fall of 2022 we moved business operations to a storefront location in Philadelphia, PA called KAIJU CAT HOBBIES. This is now the official physical headquarters of Gundam Shoppers Network. We are located at 2576 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19125.