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30 Minutes Missions - Acerby (Type-C)

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“TYPE-C” is now available in the Maxion Army’s new EXAMACS “Achelby” series!

  • An all-in-one item that includes the main body, armor parts, and weapon parts.
  • Two types of armor that can be connected to the shoulders and waist are included.
  • The silhouette changes by unfolding the head binder from side to side.
  • The visor on the head can be adjusted up and down by replacing it.
  • The blade part of the included blade submachine gun is separated.
  • Comes with chest parts that allow you to customize the armor that comes with Spinatia (sold separately).
  • Accessories: Blade submachine gun x 1, Hand parts x 1 set, Armor x 1 set, Joint parts x 1 set