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30 Minutes Missions - eEXM-S01U Forestieri 01

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The new Earth Alliance aircraft "eEXM-S01U Forestieri 01" is now available! Adopted "block assembly system" that thoroughly pursued the concept of 30MM series and ease of assembly!
  • By separating the runners, it is easy to find and you can enjoy intuitive assembly!
  • Easy to identify runners who have finished using and easy to manage parts!
  • Assemble each "block" without any pinching! Achieve a complete fitting mechanism!
  • Crispy assembly is possible without fear of assembly mistakes!
  • Since it is a complete fitting mechanism, customization after completion can be done smoothly!
  • In addition to the rifle and beam sword, the new Roy Roy is included.
  • Beam sword handle and rifle can be attached to the backpack.
  • The handle of the beam sword can also be attached to the thigh.
  • Various customization is realized by adopting a common joint structure that can be mixed with existing 30MM series items and a 3mm joint.
  • Accessories: Rifle x 1, Beam sword x 1, Roy Roy x 1, Hand parts x 1 set