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Bandai Multi Builders Case

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Introducing the BANDAI SPIRITS official "Multi Builders Case" that specializes in organizing plastic models, tools and materials!
  • Width: about 270mm, depth: about 190mm, height: about 95mm. Clear color makes it easy to check the contents.
  • Designed for plastic models in pursuit of ease of use, such as unevenness that can be caught, non-slip grooves, and numbering molds that help organize parts.
  • Large case which can store plural completed plastic models. The partition plate can be adjusted according to the plastic model to be stored, so the plastic models do not collide with each other. Since there is room in the height, it is possible to store a large aircraft.
  • Two types of half-size trays are built-in, which are convenient for organizing tools and small parts. You can customize it by combining the included partition plates according to the application, from tools to organizing small parts.
  • Since there is a step on the back side of the lid, it can be used as a tray for work, such as organizing parts during assembly and preventing loss of small parts.
  • We stack Cases and can stack and gather up compactly.
  • Storage case × 1 set
  • Partition plate x 1 set