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Digimon Figure-rise Standard Amplified Metalgreymon (Vaccine)

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From "Digimon Adventure:", "Metal Greymon (vaccine species)" is lined up in the Figure-rise Standard Amplified series!
  • Thoroughly amplify the contrast between the machine and the body with the modeling unique to Amplified.
  • The chest hatch can be opened to launch the organic missile "Giga Destroyer".
  • The back wing uses a PET sheet with a pattern printed on it to give it a sharp and vivid look.
  • The tail can be moved flexibly by splitting and connecting with internal lead wires.
  • A large volume set including parts and display bases that can reproduce Alteraus mode.
  • A 3D metallic sticker that can be pasted as an accent in various places is included.
  • In consideration of expandability as a plastic model, connection holes for expansion are arranged in various places.
  • Accessories: Armed parts × 1 type, Display base × 1, Joint parts × 1 formula, Seal × 1, 3D metallic seal × 1, PET sheet × 1, Lead wire × 2 types