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DSPIAE - AT-TH 3.175mm Universal Clamp Handle

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The DSPIAE 3.175mm clamp holding handle is forged from aluminum alloy with an oxidized blasting finish. Is is solid and durable.

The DSPIAE 3.175mm Clamp Holding Handle AT-TH is designed for an ergonomic grip, providing maximum comfort and control during carving operations. Its triangular shape fits the fingers' contact surface for a secure hold, allowing for more precise control and improved efficiency.

The AT-TH 3.175mm Clamp Holding Handle from DSPIAE is equipped with a convenient magnetic suction design, ensuring a comfortable grip and superior line carving experience. Perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike.

This product is compatible with all carving knives with the handle diameter of 3.175mm (such as DSPIAE PB series Push Broach, HC series Hook Broach, KB-S Carving Needle, TS-01 Triangle Carving Knife, etc.)