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DSPIAE - NG-01 Non-Whitening (non-fogging) Instant Adhesive

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Non-fogging Instant CA

Low fogging | Instant bond | Permanent form | Great versatility

  • High capacity: 20g bottle, Long shelf life
  • Instant bonding: Non-fogging instant CA, fast bonding, no need to wait
  • Low fogging: No worry for the mess-up of your original color
  • Durability: No risk of debonding once glued together

Precise Application

Non-fogging instant CA is packed with 3x plastic applicator for precise bonding. For a clogged plastic applicator, simply cut off the clogged section from tip and its ready to use again.

Cure in 3 seconds without fogging

The non-fogging instant CA can bond in only 3 seconds, saves you from the time and trouble to position the parts and hold them together. The special formula of glue eliminates fogging at the joints. Normal CA glue leaves a fogging joint when cured. DSPIAE NG-01 shows the original color through the joint after curing.

Packing Details

  • 1x Non-fogging instant CA glue
  • 3x Plastic applicator


  • DO NOT let children under 14 years of age use this product without adult attendance to avoid injury
  • Use this product in well ventilated area to avoid pollution in confined space
  • DO NOT use this product near open flame or high ambient temperature to avoid fire
  • In case of spill in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and call for emergency medical care
  • Consume quickly after opening to obtain best performance


  • Product name: Non-fogging instant CA glue
  • Model: NG-01
  • Resin Category: Cyanoacrylate Resin
  • Shear strength: 12MPa
  • Typical Viscosity: 95cps
  • Complete curing time: 3hrs
  • Capacity: 20g