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Gundam Marker Airbrush System

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The new Gundam marker airbrush system provides a completely new way to paint. Just connect with the included air hose to the air can and insert a Gundam marker! Change colors easily and quickly by simply replacing the Gundam marker you're using with a different colored Gundam marker! This system is especially great for beginners because they can paint easily without the hassle of cleaning a traditional airbrush. Create a smoother and more even finish by swapping the existing nib in the Gundam marker with the included "special marker nibs" To help prevent Excessive paint splashes. Gundam markers are not included.

Set includes:

  • Gundam marker airbrush
  • special marker nib x3
  • air can (PS145) 1x
  • air hose PS straight x1
  • air valve x1