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Gundam Option Parts Set Gunpla 01 (Aile Striker)

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The impressive Ale Striker from the "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" series is now available as an optional part with a completely new model!

  • Ale Strike Gundam can be reproduced by combining with the separately sold "ENTRY GRADE 1/144 Strike Gundam". Also compatible with other HG items!
  • Comes with joint parts that can be selected depending on the kit.
  • 3mm joints and C-type joints make each part movable.
  • By recombining the Ale Striker, it can be installed as original equipment for the plastic model!
  • A wealth of armaments such as bazooka and grand slam are also included.
  • Perfect Strike Gundam can be recreated by combining with the optional parts set Gunpla 02 (Launcher Striker & Sword Striker) sold separately!
  • Accessories: Ale Striker x 1 set, Beam saber x2, Energy pack x 1, Joint parts x 1 set, Grand Slam x1, Bazooka x 1, MMI-M1001 90mm anti-aircraft shotgun x 1