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GUNPRIMER - GRIDA Premium Scribing Set

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Now, you can use the new multi-directional scribing tool set to freely scribe panel lines on surfaces with ease . Refined through trial and error, the GRIDA set is composed with GunPrimer’s highest tier of craftsmanship, design and materials.

“GRIDA” means “draw” in Korean.

The GRIDA set is for users who find small, sharp chisels difficult to handle.

Each GRIDA set includes a handmade certificate of authenticity and MASTER GUIDE 2.0 sheet. Because of the precision and craftsmanship required to attain the highest quality possible, only 10 of this product is produced per day.

The MASTER GUIDE 2.0 can be used in conjunction with the GRIDA to create new panel lines.


  • Micro Chisel
  • Mechanical Holder
  • Master Guide 2.0