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GUNPRIMER - Raser Plus - Blukara7 Limited Edition

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BLUKARA7 is an influencer whose popularity is rapidly rising on Instagram thanks to his awesome build skills and sophisticated reel videos. Please visit his channel and support him.

MGSD Freedom, with its beautiful, sensuous colors, complements the sophisticated minimalism of RASER PLUS to become a single work of art. This is a limited model that will not be reproduced after production ends.

All features except the product design are the same as the original product.

The name RASER is derived from combining the two words GATE + ERASER. It's a revolutionary sanding tool that cleanly removes gate (nub marks) without scratches.

Introducing the new heavy duty RASER. Experience the new powerful gate-mark remover.

  • Specialized tool for nub mark removal with Super-Nano Technology
  • Leaves no scratches, which shortens sanding process
  • Convenient use on the wide surface and large parts
  • Highly durable structure enables semi-permanent use
  • Handcrafted smooth edge processing makes it safe and easy to use by users of all ages​