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GUNPRIMER - Sand-Loop Flex Sanding Sponges (Select from 4 Grit Levels)

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Select Grit Level (200 to 800 = coarse grit to fine grit)

Using Advanced Duraflex Technology, SAND-LOOP FLEX offers semi-permanent use. The ultra strong adhesive in the backing holds the abrasive grains strong and tight, therefore they don’t come off easily and offer a longer lifespan than other typical modeling sanding sponges in the market.​

Includes 3 sanding sponges per pack

  • 4 levels of grits optimized for painting (#200 / #400 / #600 / #800)
  • Application of Duraflex Technology for semi-permanent use
  • 5 to 10 times more durable compared to other typical products
  • Ultra density sponge offers superior sanding experience
  • Thick and compact size provides comfortable grip
  • 100% wet-sanding friendly and can be cleaned with water for reuse