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HG 1/72 MAILeS Protogouyo (Kyoukai Senki 2nd Season)

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From the latest series "Kyoukai Senki Kyokko no Souki", the main character "Meires Protogouyo" is the fastest three-dimensional!
  • We place importance on extensibility and arrange connection hole of 3mm diameter for customization in each place. If combined with the separately sold Weapon Set series, a plastic model original arrangement is also possible.
  • Various weapons such as machete, special assault rifle, special handgun, and dagger knife are included.
  • The machete and special handgun can be attached to various connection holes using the included joints.
  • Two attached dagger knives have detachable blades. Represents a storage gimmick to the armor behind the knee.
  • The head part can be selected to display the deployed or retracted state.
  • Accessories: Dedicated assault rifle × 1, Dedicated handgun × 1, Machete × 1, Dagger knife × 2, Weapon rack × 1, Rear car truck × 1, Hand parts × 1 formula, Joint parts × 1 formula, Sticker × 2 types