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HG 1/72 Scale MAILeS Byakuchi (F.G.E. Color) - AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline (Kyoukai Senki)

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A version of MAILeS Byakuchi when it was owned by F.G.E (Federation of Great Eurasia) and featured in the second episode of AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline: Frost Flower is here. Its militaristic brown-based color scheme and newly designed armaments have been recreated.
  • Each of the newly designed armaments are included.
  • The latest HG format allows for various action poses. Its wide range of articulation allows for various combat and kneeling action poses.
  • Armaments for the normal version are also included!
  • The armaments can be rearranged to recreate the normal armament loadout seen in episode 2.
  • MAILeS Byakuchi in F.G.E. (Federation of Great Eurasia) colors have been recreated, and newly designed armaments are included.
  • The color scheme that the unit had when it belonged to the F.G.E., where the white sections were brown and the blue sections were green, has been recreated with parts colors.
Includes: 60mm Portable Autocannon (Multi-Magazine Type) x1, Four-Tube Portable Guided Missile Launcher x1, Versatile Portable Shield x1, Weapon rack x1, Grenade Launcher x1, Multi Launcher x1, Machete x1, Hand parts: Open hands (left and right), Weapon holding hands (left and right), Gun holding hand (right), Foil stickers x1, Marking stickers x1