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HG Amplified IMGN Ryujinmaru

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From "Magic God Hero Legend Wataru", "Ryujinmaru" with a high-headed body arrangement of the original interpretation of the plastic model is three-dimensionalized with HG Amplified IMGN!
  • The hand-held empty fist action that makes use of the long limbs unique to a tall body amplifies the new charm.
  • Gloss injection molding and gold-plated parts are used. High-density modeling with parts composition expresses a glossy texture and luxury.
  • The white and red parts are formed with gloss injection that emphasizes the three-dimensional effect.
  • Gold plating in various parts of the aircraft creates a luxurious feeling with a matte finish.
  • A huge sword with gold plating and various hand parts are included. "Toryuken" can be attached to the back.
  • Accessories: Dragon sword x 1, Hand parts Weapon handle (left and right), open hand parts for rearrangement (left and right), Foil sticker x 1, Jewel seal x 1 set, PET sticker x 1