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HGBF Wing Gundam Fenice

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The Wing Gundam Fenice is the Gunpla of Ricardo Fellini, the Gunpla Champ of Italy. Based on the Wing Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, it is remodeled with unique left and right asymmetry, which includes heterochromia eye cameras (which are red and green-colored respectively). Its asymmetry negatively affected its balance and make it difficult to control, but Fellini is able to overcome it with his superior piloting skills. The suit's right antenna and wing-like ear protrusion bear scars of previous battle and the Bird Mode is omitted with all these modifications. The Wing Gundam Fenice is armed with similar weapons as the original Wing, but the buster rifle has been modified while the beam saber and shield are replaced by the beam rapier and the beam mantle respectively. It also has an additional shoulder beam cannon and can utilize a support craft, the Meteor Hopper, for better ground performance. The Gunpla's main color of green, white and red is meant to imitate the Italian flag.