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HGUC Gundam Dendrobium (RX-78GP03, RX-78GP03D)

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to its enormous size and weight, the HG Dendrobium is NOT eligible for free shipping. Please contact us for a shipping quote, thank you!

A 1/144 size kit of the giant Dendrobium that appeared in "Mobile Suit Gundam 0083". Reproduce the hatch deployment gimmick of the weapon container, and you can take out the Gundam GP-03 bazooka, shield, beam rifle, and missiles from the container. The control grip of the mega beam cannon can be deployed. The claw arm at the bottom of the main body can be expanded to hold a large beam saber. HGUC1/144 Gundam GP-03S that can be docked to the main unit is included. Comes with an exhibition base that holds the best position.