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Megami Device 6.2 Asra Archer Ouki ("Gekkan Hobby Japan" Magazine Limited)

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PLEASE NOTE: Consignment items are owned by other Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat customers and community members. We have these listed for sale as a special courtesy to trusted customers who would like to use our shipping and fulfillment services to help sell their items. ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN INSPECTED AND DEEMED IN GOOD / GREAT CONDITION. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

ASRA ARCHER is a Megami designed to excel at mid to long-range combat. In addition to a new color scheme, ASRA ARCHER OUKI is equipped with a radar antenna for improved search capabilities and specialized chest parts that improve the unit’s defense parameters.

The unit’s cherry blossom inspired color scheme evokes the image of spring, and many Megami Masters bring their units along to cherry blossom viewing parties.

The model was sold as a promotion for a special issue of the established model making magazine, “Gekkan Hobby Japan.” The issue included a special “How To” article with simple finishing techniques and was well-received amongst modelers.