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MG MS-06R Zaku II Black Tri-Star Ver 2.0

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Bandai treats fans to another great MG "Ver. 2.0" update of the Zaku II, this time the custom space-type Zaku II of the Black Trinity! Based on the version in the "M.S.V." (Mobile Suit Variations) series, this highly anticipated update of 1999's MG MS-06R Zaku II Black Trinity has sharp new features made possible by today's advanced injection molding technology: individually articulated fingers (no more swapping around with other fixed-pose optional hands!); cockpit hatch that slides up to reveal the detailed cockpit; pilot seat that can switch sides from left to right by turning a lever; and best of all, its inner mechanical frame and overall body design uses the same molds as the MG Zaku II Ver. 2.0 that boasts wildly articulated joints to set it in just about any action pose you can think of! This is not only a great improvement over the 1999 MG kit, but is also more accurately detailed to its M.S.V. design!

This space-type Mobile Suit is a distinctively customized Zaku II with the Black Trinity's color scheme, additional thrusters on its legs, and a jet pack attachment on its back for increased mobility. Sharply molded in color, this snap-fit assembly kit does not require any cement or paint to complete (of course, the use of paint will improve the appearance of a finished model). Stickers and dry transfers for markings. Weapons and accessories include a heat hawk, Zaku machine gun, giant bazooka rocket version, Zaku bazooka, and two types of blade antennas (normal type and stabilizer type). Six 1/100-scale unpainted Black Trinity pilot figures--two apiece of Gaia, Ortega, and Mash (one standing and one sitting)--complete this highly recommended kit! (Get three to complete the Black Trinity team and display them performing their signature Jet Stream attack!)