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MG Sinanju Stein (Narrative Version) Ver. Ka - (PREORDER - arriving July 2024)

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An MS that became the "original stone" of the full psychoframe MS that led to the RX-0 series. Updated to the narrative version design and released in Ver.Ka.

  • The engraving in the shape of Zeon's emblem, which is the reason for the "sleeved" design, is divided into parts to reproduce the color coding.
  • The beam ax can be connected and equipped as a long beam naginata, and the beam parts can be deployed while attached to the shield.
  • Emotion Manipulator SP is used for the hand parts, and each finger can move independently.
  • Flexible leg thrusters can be moved independently by lift arms.
  • Reproduces the opening and closing of the cockpit hatch and the vertical movement of the chest block.
  • Two types of Zoltan Akkanen figures are included: sitting and standing.
  • Accessories: Shield x1, High beam rifle x 1, Grenade launcher x 1, Beam ax x2, Bazooka x 1, Beam saber x 2, Effect parts x 1 set, Hand parts x 1 set, Figures x 2 types, Joint parts x 1 set, Seal x 1 set