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Mr. Hobby - Aqueous Premium Top Coat UV Cut - Smooth Clear

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This jar type PREMIUM TOP COAT is a high quality clear coating with UV cut additive. It prevents color fading from light if this is used to coat surface of your work. The surface smoothing additive would cover up uneveness and prevent small scratches on the surface.

 Mechanism of "matte" finish and characteristics of GH101

The "matte" additive in matte paints adds uneveness to the surface, so the reflecting light scatters and the shine on the surface is reduced. By adding UV cut additive and smooth additive to the popular PREMIUM TOPCOAT series, the resistance towards scratches is improved, while retaining the fine matte finish.

About Aqueous Hobby Color Series

Aqueous Hobby Color is a very safe paint which has a high degree of user friendliness. Aqueous Hobby Color paint can be diluted with water if desired, while paint brushes can be cleaned and washed out in water. Ensuring that this is before the paint is dry.

The solvent contained in Aqueous Hobby Color paint is very mild. It provides a glossy texture and very good leveling qualities (ie the smoothness of coated film of paint), resulting in a very good level of painted finish. In particular, the gloss level achieved with the use of Aqueous Hobby Color gloss paints is excellent.

It is not necessary to dilute Aqueous Hobby Color for brush painting as a basic rule, but if using an airbrush to spray Aqueous Hobby Color, dilute the paint with 100 to 150% Aqueous Hobby Color Thinner (T-110 0r T-111).

When brush painting, generally 1 to 2 coats are recommended, and 2 to 3 coats when using an air brush. If painting a light color over a darker base surface, more coats of paint may be required.