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P-Bandai - HG 1/300 Dark-Go Saurer (Hot Blooded Strongest)

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From "Hot Blood Strongest Gowzowler", 1/300 Dark Gowzowler appeared in HG series! Reproduce the dark coloring contrasting with Gousaura with molding color! Reproduce distinctive coloring with molded color! Reproduce the dark coloring of the whole body in molded color. Gold molding color is adopted for the chest and the yellow part of the head. In addition, a special marking sticker for the chest part of the grated design designed by Takahiro Yamada who imaged the mechanization empire is attached. Reproduce the transformation, union! Flight form Transformation to Dark Sauer jet, transformation to each Dark Sauler Robo and Dark Gow owler is possible. Dynamic Possibility Possible! Both deformation and combination mechanism and movement. Dynamic posing in the play is possible. In addition, the anime version can also be reproduced by replacing the lumbar parts! Included Arm: Dark Sauler Blade / Dark Sauler Shield