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P-Bandai HGAC Leo Flight Type

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From the "Mobile Suit Gundam Gundam W", mass-produced MS Lee deployed to each power such as OZ and the Unified Earth Universe, It became specifications equipped with flight units and appeared in the HG series! A flight unit, leg booster, shoulder canon which enables high speed flight in the atmosphere can be reproduced by new modeling! Reproduced in the new modeling of the flight unit mounted on the back. Both wings have a variable mechanism, which can be directed to the scenes during the play. A leg booster that can be mounted on the connecting base outside the thigh is reproduced with new parts. It is possible to rotate by 90 °. Shoulder canon is reproduced by new modeling. It is usually attachable by recombination with shoulder parts. The turret can rotate at the connecting base. Various arms of Lee who appeared in this volume comes with new modeling! Also included are drum guns and shields attached to conventional leo. Three-dimensional Dover gun with new modeling. By rearranging the attachment with the shoulder armor, it can be attached to both the left and right shoulders. Moreover, both hands are possible by moving the grip. Three-dimensional bazooka by new modeling. As with this volume, both hands are possible. The unified globalosphere federation based on blue · Reproduced the aircraft color of Leo of Southeast Asia specification by molding color. Impressive color usage that seems like mass production machine just like main part realized by part division.

Includes: Dover gun / bazooka / drum gun (105 mm rifle) / beam saber / shield