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P-Bandai MG Gundam AGE-1F/2

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MSV Kit is here for the first time !! From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-], the kit of Gundam Age-1F/2 is going to be released in Master Grade !

Contains a whole new written original story !!

Original Story written by the official staff from [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE] included in the color explanation !

Includes brand new markings !! Newly designed markings included, designed and supervised by mechanic designer Kanetake Ebikawa !

As the basis mobile suit for "GUNDAM AGE-1F/2 Assault Jacket" from "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM AGE -UNKNOWN SOLDIERS-", the official side-story continuing on monthly magazine "Hobby Japan", "GUNDAM AGE-1F/2" is released in Master Grade. In order for this mobile suit to pursue perfection, the ease in building, and action potentials, all color moldings are changed to new colors, and the characteristic chest parts are reproduced with new moldings. New marking stickers designed by mechanic designer Kanetake Ebikawa included.

Weapons : Dods Rifle, Beam Saber, Beam Dagger, Shield