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P-Bandai - MG Gundam Astray Noir

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GUNDAM ASTRAY NOIR from the currently deployed MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY ASTRAY B official side story is already available in Master Grade!
”The jet-black ASTRAY that manipulates the Noir Striker”
The impressive weapons and coloring that are the allure of the GUNDAM ASTRAY NOIR has been commercialized in MG.
  • The Mobile Suite colors based on black and red have been faithfully recreated using color molding.
  • Large scale Noir Striker attached to the rear.
  • The Noir Striker features various gimmicks such as deployment and weapon separation.
  • Includes the Sword Pistol, a signature weapon that combines a gun and a samurai sword. Can be mounted to hip section.
  • Includes a figure of Dante Gordigiani in the same scale (standing/cockpit)
  • In addition to the personal mark of Dante, water-transfer decals that feature a wide variety of caution markings are also included.
Weapons: Sword Pistol, Noir Striker (includes Fragarach 3), Beam Rifle