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P-Bandai MG Expansion Parts Set for Gundam Barbatos

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The kit is provided with completely new molded parts for the Gundam Barbatos forms 1 through 6! The kit also has a 1/100 scale Tekkadan Mobile Worker, provided with amazing detailing and multiple part separation. Also a 1/100 scale Orga Itsuka is also included! Kit also comes with waterslide decal sheet for detailing!

1st Form

  • Arms on both shoulders are removed. The left armor and shield are provided with new molded parts.
2nd Form
  • Provided with newly molded shoulder armor parts, this form also installed with the first form's left arm armor and mini shield.
3rd Form
  • Like the 2nd form, this form is provided with the same shoulder armors, equipped with the same left arm armor installed with its wire claw equipment!
4th Form
  • The regular version Gundam Barbatos kit is in its 4th form. No modification needed!
5th Form
  • The 5th form is provided with waist boosters, a newly molded forearm armor equipped with mortars!
5th Form (Ground)
  • Equipped with its massive Wrench Mace weapon! This form is also provided with the enlarged leg unit to support its weight and give balance to the overall build of the unit.
6th Form
  • Provided with the Wrench Mace weapon, this kit is fully equipped with new molded armor pieces for its shoulders, and chest part.