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P-Bandai MG Gundam Exia Repair II - Consignment

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PLEASE NOTE: Consignment items are owned by other Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat customers and community members. We have these listed for sale as a special courtesy to trusted customers who would like to use our shipping and fulfillment services to help sell their items. ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN INSPECTED AND DEEMED IN GOOD / GREAT CONDITION. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

Description from the Premium Bandai site:

From [MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM OO],Gundam Exia Repair II is released in Master Grade!!

Main body and new weapons are thoroughly reproduced with new molding! Colors based on setting is faithfully reproduced by color molding!
The new weapon, GN Sword Kai is reproduced with new molding
The destructive GN Sword Kai newly changed along with Gundam Exia Repair II is included with new molding.

The signature edge part of the Beam Sword uses clear material to show the sharpness and beauty in the story.

The folding system of the sword is recreated, along with gimmicks to set on the arm or expand its shape.
Characteristic form of the Mobile Suit faithfully reproduced
The external parts of [Repair II] is faithfully reproduced with new molding based on [MG Gundam Exia].

New thruster nozzles are added to the shoulder, lower back, and calf armor.

Other details, such as the codes on the arms and legs are switched to inner-armor type so changed the external armor parts of the same places, are fully supervised to recreate Repair II.
Various option parts!
Water slide decals for more detailed marking and weapons Gundam Exia has used are included as kit value to expand the possibility of posing.

Weapons: GN Sword Kai×1/GN Beam Saber×2/Shield
(GN Long Blade×1/GN Short Blade ×1/GN Beam Dagger×2)