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P-Bandai - Real Experience Model RX-0 Unicorn Gundam (Auto-Trans Edition)

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The Real Experience Model line consists of 4 elements that create an entirely unique building experience!

The first automatic transformation in Gunpla history, this set feature songs and character voices from the kit itself, light-up effects that sync with character dialogue, and the moving structure that activates the automatic transformation, fans can recreate the Unicorn Gundam’s transformation scenes from the series in real life.

Iconic scenes can be recreated through the combination of sounds, and the automatic transformation allows you to feel sensations, as though you are actually in the scenes! RGB LEDs have been adopted to recreate the red glow during the activation of NT-D and the transition into a green glow seen at the end of the series.

This bust model is the largest Gunpla scale so far; the intricate details and design created for 15-inch scale make you feel like you're close to the real thing.

The switches placed on the side of the item can be used to select scenes. The character voices can also be turned on or off.

Includes 11 modes: effects from Episodes 1 to 7; hold down the button to play continuous effects from Episodes 1 through 7 and StarRingChild; Mineva Lao Zabi’s Speech (with rainbow light-up effects); Destroy Mode in a red glow; Destroy mode in a green glow.

The volume can be adjusted, featuring a monaural audio component with an output of 1000mW and a stereo jack installed in the kit to connect it to external speakers.

Six AA dry cell alkaline batteries are required (not included). The batteries will last for approximately 2 hours when sounds are continuously played.