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PaintPal "Core Unit PLUS" Hobby System - Paint Rack & Storage Solution

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Paint Module Size

NOTE: When selecting your Core PLUS System, please select the type of paint holders you would like the system to hold:

OPTION 1 - 36mm wide jars (Tamiya, Mr. Color)

  • 10 modules hold 5x 36mm jars per module = 50 jars
  • 2 rear extensions each hold 10x 36mm jars = 20 jars
  • PLUS 15x 24.5mm dropper bottles in the side and center rails
  • Overall, 70x 36mm jars + 15x 24.5mm bottles can be stored in total

OPTION 2 - 24.5mm wide dropper bottles (Vallejo, Army Painter)

  • 10 modules hold 8x 24.5mm bottles per module = 80 bottles
  • 2 rear extensions each hold 14x 24.5mm bottles = 28 bottles
  • PLUS 15x 24.5mm dropper bottles in the side and center rails
  • Overall, 123x 24.5mm bottles can be stored in total

    Paint Pal Core System includes:

    • 10 Paint Modules (each holding 5x 36mm wide jars OR 8x 24.5mm wide bottles depending on your option selection)
    • 2 Rear Extension Units (holds 20x 36mm wide jars OR or 28x 24.5mm wide bottles)
    • 3 Side Rails (holds 10x 24.5mm wide bottles of paint)
    • 4 Drawers
    • 3 Drawer Risers
    • 3 Rear Extension Frames
    • 40 OpenLOCK Clips

    Currently only available in Red and Black as pictured - we may be doing additional color schemes in the future.

    This system is fully modular. You can add to the width, a drawer expansion, and many other options! Holds many brands of paints from Tamiya, Mr. Hobby, Vallejo, Army Painter, AK Interactive, ProAcryl, Alclad, and more! Proudly 3D printed in the USA by hobbyists, for hobbyists! Rel Grade studios is a fully licensed printer of the PaintPal Hobby System by Corvus Games Terrain.

    Requires assembly.

    Approximate weight when fully assembled - 4.5 lbs
    Approximate dimensions when fully assembled - 28" wide, 10.5" deep, 6.5" high