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Tomino Exhibition Limited - MG Gundam F91 ver 2.0 (Original Plan Version)

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To commemorate the "World of Yoshiyuki Tomino" Exhibition held from June 22, 2019 (Sat), the "MG Gundam F91 Ver.2.0 ORIGINAL PLAN Ver." will be released as a limited venue edition starting July 20, 2019 (Sat).

From "Mobile Suit Gundam F91", the original plan of "F91" as imagined before the draft was finalized, appears as part of the MG series.

Numerous structures are used in the torso ducts, and the internal parts have an extra finish to them. Inside the torso, there are light transmission parts, and by using the "Light Unit (White) Double Light" set in the base, it is possible to create the heat and "MEPE" emission from the torso ducts or backpack ducts during the maximum mobility mode. Also the leg thrusters have an interlock gimmick, and the VSBRs can be deployed as a set.

Also, in addition to the open face gimmick head, and two non-transformed heads, it comes with the distinctive weapons such as "beam launcher" and "beam shield". Two sole red and blue sole parts are included to allow for choice between the colors.

The package has a trace original design of the visual image of "The World of Yoshiyuki Tomino". On the side is a message from director Tomino.