Entry Grade Gundam - GSN Community Competition

***UPDATE: Deadline extended to Sunday 8/28/22

Gundam Shoppers Network is holding our first community build competition! This is open to all age ranges and skill levels!

General Rules:

  • Use ANY Entry Grade Gundam kit (Gramps, Strike, Nu)!
  • You must use at least 50% of the base kit (see pictures and our sponsored builders' entries for examples)
  • Scribing, detail parts, pla plate, decals, and kitbashing are encouraged! 3D printed parts and weapons are allowed
  • Some amount of custom painting and/or weathering are required
  • LEDs and dioramas are allowed but won’t be used for judging
  • You must send at least 3 pictures of your build - front, side, back
    • Your photography skills won't be judged, but better quality pictures will definitely help!
    • You can include more than 3 pictures if you would like
  • 3 categories for scoring:
    • Creativity
    • Build Quality
    • Painting/Weathering
  • Judges will be a panel of GSN Sponsored Builders!

How to Enter:

  • One entry per person
  • Email all entries to gundam.shoppers@gmail.com with the following:
    • Your name
    • Your email address
    • Your Instagram name (if you have one)
    • Attach all photos of your build
    • Include a name / title for your build
  • All entries are due Sunday 8/28/22
  • Winners should be announced no later than Friday 9/9/22 (subject to change depending on submission volume).
  • International participants are welcome, but please be aware that prizes will only ship to US addresses.
    • If are outside of the US and are a winner, we can ship the prizes to a friend or family member in the US
    • We can also work with you to ship prizes internationally if you can cover most or all of the shipping costs


*May be subject to change based on what we have available at the time.

1st Place

  • P-Bandai MG Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey Za Burrel Custom)
  • HG Asshimar
  • Gundam Artifiact Nightingale
  • GunPrimer Dust Brush
  • $50 GSN Gift Card

2nd Place

  • P-Bandai HG Heavyarms Custom
  • 1/35 Scale Batmobile (“Batman Begins” Ver)
  • GunPrimer Dust Brush
  • $25 GSN Gift Card

3rd Place

  • HG Guncannon First Type
  • Gundam Converge Gyan figure
  • GunPrimer Dust Brush
  • $25 GSN Gift Card
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