Recommended US Gunpla Hobby Retailers

We curate a list called "The Ultimate Gunpla Shoppers Guide" which contains over 150 Gundam model kit specialty retailers from around the world. Built by our community, we take care to ensure the sellers listed are vetted and verified as legitimate businesses.

Click here for "The Ultimate Gunpla Shoppers Guide" 
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Top Recommended US Gunpla Sellers

We realize we may not have everything you're looking for, and perhaps you don't have time to comb through the "Shoppers Guide" spreadsheet. Below you can find links to a few of our favorite shops, as selected by our community.

Why link to other shops? Honestly, we don't think of ourselves as competition, but more like a complimentary place to shop; we support other small businesses in the Gunpla community as much as we can!