Gundam Backlog Fighters - Discounts on Tools & Decals!

Gundam Backlog Fighters - Discounts on Tools & Decals!

Announcing GUNDAM BACKLOG FIGHTERS, the Gundam Shoppers Network discount program for tools and decals!

All members of team Backlog Fighters get 5% off of tools and decals. How can you become a member? It's easy:

  1. Join our Discord server or if you prefer, join our Facebook community group
  2. Register for an account on the GSN store site if you haven't already
  3. Subscribe to our email list (scroll down below this post on this page to sign up)
  4. Send us a message and let us know you've registered and subscribed - email us at or shoot us a DM on Facebook or Discord.

You'll then be assigned a personal promo code for 5% off tools and decals that will work for your account. You'll have to enter this code at checkout every time you purchase tools or decals. Also due to the limitations of Shopify it can't be combined with any other promo codes.

***Please note that this is a pilot program and the terms may be subject to change. We will do our best to notify you of any updates to the program as our store evolves.***

Gunpla is Freedom, but don't be a slave to your backlog! Join today!

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