"Gundam Backlog Fighters TRY" Build Event - Details, Rules, Submission Info

"Gundam Backlog Fighters TRY" Build Event - Details, Rules, Submission Info

Gundam Backlog Fighters TRY..
… as in, TRY to build as much stuff from your backlog as possible!

For all of you builders who proudly show off pics of your mountainous Gunpla backlogs on social media, this event is for you! This isn’t a new year’s resolution unless you want it to be! It’s also another way for us to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Gundam Build Fighters (trust me, it’ll be better than the Gundam Build Metaverse anime).

Starting on Friday, January 19th and ending on Saturday, March 2nd - we are going to reward you for building model kits from your backlog! You can earn points towards Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat Hobbies store credit, and entries for giveaway prizes! (Prizes to be determined at a later date).

  • For EACH kit you build for the event you MUST send an email with both an UNBUILT picture of the kit, and a COMPLETED picture of the kit
  • The UNBUILT kit picture must include:
    • The box, with the parts and/or runners COMPLETELY UNASSEMBLED. If parts are already cut out, it’s ok, but nothing can be assembled.
    • A piece of paper with your name (first name and last initial is ok, or your Discord / Instagram username if you are concerned for your privacy) plus the date that you started the build.

  • The COMPLETED kit picture must include:
    • The model, fully assembled - this should be the mobile suit / mecha / character plus whatever accessories are pictured on the front box art. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUILD ALL OF THE ACCESSORIES.
    • A piece of paper with your name (first name and last initial is ok, or your Discord / Instagram username if you are concerned for your privacy) plus the date that you completed the build.

  • Send all photos to gundam.shoppers@gmail.com
    • The email must say “Gundam Backlog Fighters” in the subject line!
    • Please include the following in the email body:
      • Your name
      • Your Discord username (if you are a member)
      • Your Instagram or TikTok usernames if you are on there
    • You can email as you go, or when you're complete with all your entries, but please be sure to include the same info in the subject line and email body.


  • You earn ONE point for each completed model kit
  • You can earn BONUS points per build by doing at least TWO of these activities:
    • Panel lining
    • Applying decals (at least 10 decals)
    • Painting the kit
    • Weathering
  • For example, if you complete a build and also panel line and decal it that gives you ONE extra point, for a total of TWO points for that build.
  • If you panel line, paint, decal and weather a build, you get TWO extra points, giving you a total of THREE points for that build.
  • Please show some effort here. You will not get the bonus points if it only looks like you added a small handful of panel lines, decals, or lazy weathering.
  • All earned store credit will be given out after the conclusion of the event (i.e. after March 2nd).
  • Any giveaway prizes won will be shipped after March 2nd

The maximum number of points you can earn is 10 points. Each point earns you $1 in GSN store credit and 1 entry for a random prize drawing drawing.

  • What kits qualify for the event?
    • Gunpla / Gundam model kits of mobile suits / mecha
    • Grades: PG, MG, RG, HG, SD
    • Bandai Figure Rise model kits
    • 30 Minute Missions and 30 Minute Sisters kits
    • Star Wars, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Zoids, and other franchise kits qualify, not just Gundam models
    • Kotobukiya, Wave, Moderoid, Good Smile, Aoshima, Hasegawa, and other non-Bandai model kits of mecha, mecha musume, and anime characters
    • Third party models are allowed
    • Basically anything that is a character, mobile suit, or mecha that you assemble as a model kit
  • What kits DO NOT qualify?
    • Standalone accessory packs and option part kits
    • Entry grade kits, Harpopla, Pokepla, Pettit’Guys
    • Partially built kits
  • What constitutes a COMPLETE build?
    • Snap building the kit so that it recreates the look of the model kit as illustrated on the box art is the minimum requirement
    • That means you DO NOT HAVE TO BUILD ALL THE INCLUDED ACCESSORIES, just enough to match complete the look
  • Do kits with multiple models inside count for multiple points?
    • Yes you can get multiple points, for example:
      • The HG Xi Gundam vs Penelope Gundam set would count for TWO points
      • The P-Bandai HG Red Giant 03rd MS Team Set would count for THREE points
  • What will the random drawing prizes be?
    • We don’t have those decided yet, but will announce them soon
  • How will the store credit be sent?
    • You’ll receive an email with a gift card code / promo code to use both online and in-store at Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat Hobbies
We reserve the right to accept / reject kits that we feel don’t fit the criteria
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