Gundam Build Fighters 10th Anniversary Build Event

Gundam Build Fighters 10th Anniversary Build Event


Unlock your inner Sei Iori! We're celebrating the 10th anniversary of Gundam Build Fighters by holding a community build event. Imagine you live in a world where Plavsky particles actually exist and Gunpla Battle tournaments are real! Kitbash and customize your own Gunpla that you would enter and compete with in a tournament!

  • You can start building NOW! We're setting a tentative target completion date for Sunday October 29th.
  • This is not a competition. It's a community build event. No builds will be ranked or judged.
  • ALL skill levels are welcome - this is a fun way for everyone to build together and try something different or new!
  • ALL scales are welcome - HG, MG, SD, etc.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE YOUR BUILD FULLY COMPLETED BY THE DEADLINE - just participating by sharing your build in progress is good enough!
  • No purchase necessary to enter - everyone is welcome!
  • Prizes and giveaways will be shipped for free to US customers. If you are international, you can participate but we'll ask you to cover the cost of shipping.
  • You can build as many projects as you want, but for any giveaway drawings your name will only be entered once.
  • Any participants who win a prize can only win once. You name will be removed from subsequent drawings.
In order to qualify for any giveaways or prizes, you have to do at least ONE of the following things:
  • Post your build in the "gbf-builds" channel on Discord and post updates on how your build is going
  • Email pics and info about your build to and make sure it says "GBF Event" in the email subject line
  • Post your builds on social media (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter) with the tag #gbfbuildevent and also tag @gundamshoppersnetwork and @kaijucathobbies in the post

15 PRIZES AVAILABLE! Winners will be selected via random "wheel of names" drawing!

  • $10 Gift Card
  • $10 Gift Card
  • $10 Gift Card
  • 30 Minutes Missions Portanova Marine Type Blue
  • Batmobile Tumbler
  • Black Tri Stars Haro clear color
  • HG Brady Hound (Brad Exclusive)
  • Diver Gear Base
  • GP Base
  • HG Death Army
  • HG Nobell Gundam
  • HG Victory Gundam
  • SD BB The-O
  • SD EX Try Burning Gundam
  • 1/100 scale Daban 8814 Astray Red Frame Powered Red (big sword handle not included)
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