The "BUILD from MAYcury" Community Event Starts Now!

The "BUILD from MAYcury" Community Event Starts Now!

This is a "Witch from Mercury" themed, online community build for members to showcase their builds and work on improving building skills together. This is not a competition, and as such we encourage builders of any skill level to join and build alongside our community. Builds will not be judged and prizes are drawn based on valid entries to the event.

No purchase from GSN/Kaiju Cat Hobbies necessary. You can get your kits and build supplies from anywhere.

How to Participate:

  • Builds must involve at least one "Witch from Mercury" mobile suit kit, or Figure-Rise Standard kit (Suletta and Miorine). SD Aerial is acceptable too!
  • If your build only uses expansion part sets (i.e. Mirasoul Unit or Demi Trainer Expansion parts) and nothing else from the WfM line, then it won't be valid.
  • We encourage you to go beyond snap builds as entries. Your build should have some form of customization in it since the point of community builds is to learn something new or practice alongside other people.
  • Resin, 3D printing, scribing, plating, painting, and other customizations are encouraged but will not affect the outcome of the community raffle prize drawing.
  • Please don't enter builds you've already completed prior to this event. This should be a new build for the purpose of this community event. We're going to use the honor system here, so please be true to the community spirit!
  • Use the #buildfrommaycury hashtag on all your social posts!

How to Enter for Prize Drawings:

  • Deadline to submit your entries is Sunday 6/4/23
  • There will be prizes for participants! It may be a mix of kits, tools, gift cards, or other hobby related items!
  • Prizes will be announced at a later date, so stay tuned for updates!
  • There will be multiple winners!
  • Winners will be randomly drawn after the 6/4/23 deadline.
  • We can only ship prizes for free to US residents and US territory residents only. If you are international, you must pay for shipping on any prizes you might win.
  • To be considered for prize drawings, email at least 3 photos of your completed builds to by the deadline to be entered
  • One entry per person!
  • Be sure to put "Build from Maycury" in the subject line
  • Please include your name, your social media handle(s), and/or your GSN Discord user name in the body of the email
  • At least ONE of the photos needs to include a piece of paper with your name and date written on it, placed next to your build in the picture
  • Even if you didn't complete your build, please send what you've done so far anyway!
  • FINAL REQUIREMENT: You must post about your "Build from MAYcury" build at least once during the event on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter along with the #buildfrommaycury hashtag / OR at least post your build in the GSN Discord "⁠bfm-builds" channel
  • The amount of posts you make won't affect the prize drawing outcome, but it will help you log your build progress and help get others in the community involved!

To join the GSN / Kaiju Cat Discord server, visit here -


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