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30 Minutes Missions - Option Parts Set 8 (Multi Backpack)

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A multi-backpack with general-purpose parts is now available in the 30MM option parts set!
  • A set of backpacks, carrying cases, missiles, explosives, etc.
  • Large racks can be expanded and a large number of units can be stored by separating the inside.
  • A rucksack-like movable booster is equipped on the back as a backpack, and vernier parts can also be deployed.
  • Wrist extension parts are included.
  • Various parts can be combined with joint parts to form a connecting unit.
  • Large rifle is foldable and portable.
  • Comes with a general-purpose joint runner common to the 30MINUTES series that expands the range of customization.
  • Accessories: Folding cannon x 1 set, Missile x 2, Carrying case x 1 set, Battery pack x 2, Explosive x 2, Pouch x 2, Wrist extension parts x 2, Backpack-style movable booster x 1, Large rack x 1 set, 30MINUTES general-purpose joint runner x 1