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Demon Slayer - Zenitsu Agatsuma Model Kit

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From "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba", Zenitsu Agatsuma is joining the lineup of "Demon Slayer Models" that are easy to assemble even for plastic model beginners! Adopts pad printing and pre-painted parts to achieve both ease of assembly and high quality!

  • Easy assembly with no adhesive required. People who are new to plastic models and those who are not used to it can enjoy it with peace of mind.
  • Pre-painted parts are used for the pattern and color coding of the haori and leg ties, so just assemble them to create a colorful finish.
  • The eyes and eyebrows are reproduced with pad printing, which is safe even for light users. The color coding of the tips of the hair is expressed with painted parts.
  • The wrinkles on the uniform, the fluttering expression on the haori, etc., are carefully sculpted because it is a fixed model.
  • The only tool you need is nippers (sold separately), and you can enjoy assembling it like a puzzle.
  • Produce an image from the play by displaying it side by side with the separately sold "Demon Slayer Model" item.
  • Accessories: Seal x 1