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DSPIAE - MKA Super Metallic Paint Markers - Bundle / Complete set of 12 Markers

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Complete set of twelve (12) DSPIAE MKA Super Metallic Paint Markers. One of each:
  • MKA-01 Metallic Red
  • MKA-02 Metallic Orange
  • MKA-03 Metallic Yellow
  • MKA-04 Metallic Chartreuse
  • MKA-05 Metallic Green
  • MKA-06 Metallic Cyan
  • MKA-07 Metallic Blue
  • MKA-08 Metallic Purple
  • MKA-09 Metallic Magenta
  • MKA-10 Golden
  • MKA-11 Silver
  • MKA-12 Bronze
  • Vibrant color rendition
    • Comparing to traditional acrylic tips, DSPIAE's nylon tip used on its markers features more fluent paint flow, smoother coating and finer metal particles, further enhanced by self-leveling formula, even rookie users can easily achieve a stunning pro finish.
  • Dual tip design
    • 0.5/2.0mm tips are installed/stored on the end of the marker/inside the cap. Wrap with paper tissue to pull the installed tip out and insert another for a simple exchange that suits your demands better.
  • Manipulation Demo
    • To start the pen before first use, shake well and press tip down to release any trapped air.
    • Give a thorough clean of part surface (the cleanliness is essential for final result of finish).
    • Gently paint on part in long, even stroke with uni-direction movement, avoid cross painting.
    • Wait for about 10 seconds for paint leveling. Do not touch the paint until it dries thoroughly after 12 hours.