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DSPIAE - MKE-01 Universal Eraser Pen

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Eraser Marker from DSPIAE used for coloring plastic model kits

Erases Other DSPIAE Acrylic Markers

Powerful Solvent for Easy Overflow Erasing:

  • This marker contains a potent solvent with a capacity of 3g, providing effective erasing of overflowed paint. The powerful solvent ensures quick and efficient removal of excess paint from surfaces.
  • The valve type hard head design of the marker facilitates easy export of the solvent, allowing for precise application and targeted erasing.
  • With a utilization rate reaching up to 99.9%, this marker ensures minimal wastage of the solvent, maximizing its effectiveness and longevity.

Extended Service Life:

  • Compared to other pens on the market, this marker offers a service life that is three times longer. The durable construction and efficient solvent utilization contribute to its extended usage capabilities.
  • Users can rely on this marker for prolonged use, providing reliable performance throughout various painting projects.

Note: Please ensure to use the solvent in a well-ventilated area and follow safety guidelines and precautions provided by the manufacturer.