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DSPIAE - MKS Super Metallic Paint Markers - (Select from Chrome Silver, Titanium Gold, Champagne Gold)

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Compared to traditional acrylic tips, DSPLAE's nylon tip used on its markers features smoother paint flow, smoother coating and finer metal particles, further enhanced by self-leveling. formula, even novice users can easily achieve a stunning, professional finish.
Dual tip design

0,5/2,0mm tips are installed/stored at the end of the marker/inside the cap.
Wrap with a tissue to remove the installed tip and insert another one for a simple exchange that better meets your demands.
Gently paint the piece with a long, even stroke with a unidirectional movement, avoid painting in a cross pattern.

Before first use, shake well and squeeze the tip to release trapped air.
Do not touch the paint coating until it is completely dry after 12 hours.

Please note:
Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old to avoid injury.
Avoid dropping, bending or tapping the tip, which may cause damage and malfunction.
Use water-based transparent paint for the protective coating.
Shake well before first use, press the tip to let trapped air escape.
Do not use near an open flame. If swallowed, call poison control center/doctor as soon as possible.
Clean the surface of the part thoroughly (cleanliness is essential for the final result of the mirror finish).

Colors available:

  • MKS-01 Chrome Silver
  • MKS-02 Titanium Gold
  • MKS-03 Champagne Gold