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DSPIAE - MPC-20 Model Painting Clips

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Model Painting Clips
Double Wrapped Design for Stronger, Steadier Holding
Painted Handles | Rubber Tubing Reinforcement | Strong Connection | Rust Proof

User Friendly Design
Clips wrapped with soft rubber to minimize scratching

Strong Connection
Rubber tubing reinforced handle connection eliminates loose clips

Long Lasting Rust Proof Handles
New painted handles with improved anti-rust capability.

Actual Display
Your handy assistant for painting session

Instruction for use
  1. Clip on proper section of part and hold it with clip handle. (use Blue Tack TM for assistance if necessary)
  2. Slowly turn the handle to inspect your work while spraying.
  3. Once painting is completed, fix the handle securely to let paint dry

Long Lasting Rust Proof Handles
New Painted handles with improved ant-rust capability.

Packing Details
Model Painting Clips x20 per pack