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Figure-rise Standard Umamusume: Pretty Derby Special Week

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Special Week from "Uma Musume Pretty Derby" has been commercialized in the Figure-rise Standard series!
  • The skirt is divided into front, back, left, and right to ensure a large range of motion. The structure also supports widening movements, and you can decide to run in a forward leaning posture without compromising the silhouette.
  • The pure expressions and energetic movements of the special week are also attractive.
  • Comes with 1 type of facial expression reproduced by tampo printing and 2 types of facial expressions reproduced with water transfer decals.
  • Pursue the structure in 1 part units. Just by assembling it, you can create a colorful “game suit”. Reproduce dynamic running by bending the upper body.
  • The horseshoes on the soles are reproduced with stickers. By splitting the front and back of the shoes, you can express the appearance of kicking the ground.
  • Parts are effectively divided for the head. The ears, hair colors, and ribbons that can be used to express facial expressions are also detailed.
  • Four kinds of left and right hand parts with facial expressions are included.
  • A clear molded base is included. You can connect the struts to your back and hold your body while running.
  • Accessories: Expression parts (tampo printing) x 1 type, Expression parts (water transfer type decal) x 2 types, Hand parts × 1 set, Dedicated pedestal x 1 set, Water transfer type decal × 1, Sticker × 1