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Gundam Base Limited - SD Legend BB Victory Daishogun (Clear Color)

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PLEASE NOTE: Consignment items are owned by other Gundam Shoppers Network / Kaiju Cat customers and community members. We have these listed for sale as a special courtesy to trusted customers who would like to use our shipping and fulfillment services to help sell their items. ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN INSPECTED AND DEEMED IN GOOD / GREAT CONDITION. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The young daishogun who has the greatest power in history stored within them appears in a Gundam Base limited silver plating increase & clear color.

There is gold plating through the entire body, such as the helmet, plaquet, armor, wings, ankles and cannons, and the Toumahakkouken and toenails are silver plated, with an increase in plated area. Seeming to be ablaze, both of the wings and Mach Beam Wing have two color clear parts, and the sparkling wings have glitter.

Also, with a Battle Mask with the same shape as the Shinsedaishogun, and the silver-plated Kohoken included, as an original gimmick, the wings and large Omega Smasher can also be equipped.