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Hexa Gear HG078 V-Thor

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Featuring a cockpit accessible from the back, this humanoid HEXA GEAR stands at approximately 206mm tall. This HEXA GEAR boasts the widest range of motion in the series (as of March 2022), allowing the model to hold a large sword in both hands or a rifle like a soldier. Pose this humanoid HEXA GEAR any way you can imagine! In addition to the double-jointed elbows, the forward mobility of the chest muscle unit and the universal construction of the hands allow for a wide range of poses. The kit Includes four new hand parts for both the left and right hands: Closed fists, open hands, gun-holding, and sword-holding. The knee joints have double articulation and an interlocking mechanism, the feet have toes that can move up and down, and the thighs are sculpted to show the dense details of artificial muscles peeking through the gaps in the armor. The included HD Plasma Cannon can be attached to the mount on the back and the HEXAGRAM storage can be removed. The barrel can also be replaced to be used as a gatling gun that fires solid bullets. The "Exit Slider" equipped on either sides of the waist can be removed and combined to make a large shield. This shield can also become a high-speed transportation board that can be attached to the feet by swapping out some parts and utilizing the slide feature. Larger than the model itself, the Mega Charged Tactical Sword can be removed from its sheath. With a total length of 283mm, this sword is currently the longest melee weapon in the HEXA GEAR series. The abdomen is a composite of multiple joints, allowing it to move back and forth, left, and right, and the waist can also be rotated. Governors supported are: PAWN A1, PAWN X1, SENTINEL, WARMAGE, EARLY GOVERNOR Vol. 1. Note that not all governors are supported.