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HG Gespenst from "Super Robot Wars OG"

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From Super Robot Wars OG, the original personal trooper Gespenst is now available in the HG series!
  • Equipped with movable gimmicks on the arms, hip joints, and front armor. The range of movement has been expanded, allowing for bold poses of the image in the play.
  • The slide gimmick on the abdomen allows the internal parts to move left and right so that no gaps can be seen.
  • In addition to the [Slash Ripper] that reproduces the effect with a PET sheet, a wealth of weapons such as [Neutron Beam] and [Plasma Cutter] are included.
  • By using joint parts, split missiles and slash ripper can be attached to and detached from the stabilizer.
  • A pedestal for the display is included.
  • Accessories: Hand parts x 1 set, Neutron beam x 1, Split missile x 1 set, Plasma cutter effect x 1 set, Slash ripper effect PET sheet x 1 set, Display base x 1 set, Seal x 1