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HG Huckebein Mk-III from "Super Robot Wars OG"

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The long-awaited "Huckebein Mk-III" from the "Super Robot Wars OG" series is now available! With its full body armament and wide range of motion, you can create poses inspired by the movie!
  • In addition to weapons such as graviton rifle and photon rifle, hand parts and display base are included.
  • The grip of the beam sword can be attached to the rear skirt.
  • Photon rifle can be attached to the back of the waist.
  • Fang Thrasher can be removed from the left arm and displayed in its unfolded state.
  • In addition to the hatch deployment of the container, the multi-trace missile reproduces attachment and detachment from the back platform.
  • With a wide range of motion, it produces dynamic action. Movable gimmicks installed on the neck, chest, and abdomen allow for twisting movements at the waist.
  • Accessories: Graviton Rifle x 1, Photon rifle x 1, Fang Slasher x 1, Multi-trace missile x 1, Beam sword x2, Hand parts x 1 set, Display base x 1, Seal x 1