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HG Plutine Gundam - (Gundam Build Metaverse)

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From the "Gundam Build Series" 10th anniversary video "Gundam Build Metaverse" - "Plutine Gundam" will appear! A new Gundam bearing the name of Pluto!

  • "Core docking custom" correspondence. You can enjoy separating "Core Gundam II+" and "Pluto Armor" and customizing with other "Core Docking Custom" compatible items.
  • Recycled materials (eco-plastic) are used for some of the armor parts. Gunpla with an eye on the circulating future!
  • A sickle that can be transformed into a lance is included.
  • Core defender × 1, Scythe × 1, Core spray gun × 1, Beam saber × 2, Effects for core saber × 2, Hand parts × 1 formula, Frame parts × 1 formula, Pedestal (for armor mode) × 1, Seal × 1