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Little Armory - 1/12 LA028 Glock 17.18C Type Firearm

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1/12 scale assembly kit "Little Armory" that combines realism and movable figures. This kit reproduces the slide forward/backward state. The 18C is equipped with a stock and long magazine, and the port on the top of the slide is also reproduced. Two types of 17 mugs and 33 mugs, field knife and sheath are attached.

Glock 17, a masterpiece of automatic pistols born in Austria. Light weight, high durability, low cost, safety and simple operability are realized by the resin frame and unique mechanism. Its practicality is appreciated, and it is used habitually in military, police, and self-defense sites around the world. The Glock 18C is a fully automatic model made at the request of the anti-terrorist unit.

Plastic nippers are recommended to cleanly remove accessories from their runners. Glue (sold separately) is required for assembly.