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Little Armory - 1/12 LADF27 Dolls' Frontline SPAS-12 Type

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SPAS-12 is a combat shotgun made in Italy. It can be switched between manual and automatic with the touch of a button and can handle a wide range of bullet types, from back shots with a large amount of charge to low-lethal rubber shots with a small amount of charge. From the appearance of shooting powerful shotguns one after another from a rugged body, there is a lot of exposure to the media and it is synonymous with strong shotgun.

This kit is a collaboration model of the game Girls' Frontline and Little Armory. By assembling the runner kit, the gun itself and accessories are completed. A special illustration card of the Girls Frontline SPAS-12.

Plastic nippers are recommended to cleanly remove accessories from their runners. Glue (sold separately) is required for assembly.